Khoji’s Fact-Checking Policy

We try for a hundred percent accurate headlines, sub-headlines, and overall news text with a strict vetting and publishing process. Before any news or article is written, we ensure the information is new and accurate. We verify sources and always dig down to the original source before the writing process begins. On the other hand, rumors and insider reports are identified accordingly to ensure the distinction between confirmed information and the interest of our readers. We never follow an unsubstantiated piece of news as we require a hundred percent confirmation of the information.

At Khoji, we do not post clickbait on our site. Our team consists of writers and editors from diverse backgrounds in all facets of the media industry. We follow basic journalism principles when we are the original source of any news or article. At Khoji, we stress the importance of research and objectivity as well as presenting a clear argument and counterarguments. This approach allows our team to address more possibilities and answer questions before they’re asked by our readers. For corrections or update requests, please contact